Thursday 1 October 2020

Album Review: MARILYN MANSON - We Are Chaos

01. Red Black And Blue
02. We Are Chaos
03. Don't Chase the Dead
04. Paint You With My Love
05. Half-way & One Step Forward
06. Infinite Darkness
07. Perfume
08. Keep My Head Together
09. Solve Coagula
10. Broken Needle

After his 'mostly excellent' last studio album, Heaven Upside Down (read my review here), Marilyn Manson is back with his eleventh studio album We Are Chaos

The huge Industrial Nu Metal riffs of yesteryear are nowhere in sight. Instead, the songs on We Are Chaos are more refined, reflective, and have a maturity which mirrors Marilyn Manson's own. After all, he's over 50 now, and screaming "I am the God of Fuck" may not suit a man of his age too well. Stylistically, I think he's taken the right direction. We Are Chaos is a powerful, beautiful and very relevant record. 

Musically, imagine a cross between his Bowie-flavoured classic Mechanical Animals and his more recent The Pale Emperor, and you'll be somewhere close.

For me, the stand-out track is Don't Chase The Dead. It's an obvious single, and although the whole album is solid, this is the most instant and commercial song here, and will no doubt be on his next 'best of' album, should he do another. 

My other favourites include the Beatles flavoured We Are Chaos, the haunting, piano-driven Half-way And One Step Forward, and the beaten-down, miserable finale that is Broken Needle

I really enjoyed We Are Chaos. It's one of those albums that takes you on a journey and is best appreciated as a piece played in its entirety. It also gets more addictive on repeated listens.


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