Sunday 25 October 2020

Movie Review: VAMPIRES VS. THE BRONX (2020)


Vampires Vs. The Bronx was recently released on Netflix, and being in the Halloween mood, I decided to give it a go.

The story is about a group of vampires who are buying out local business and buildings in the Bronx. A group of young kids find out that they really are vampires and start to discover their dastardly plan. Initially, none of the adults in the community believe them, and the number of missing people in the area continues to rise.


The basic premise of the story feels very familiar, as several classics have started this way, most notedly Fright Night and The Lost Boys. Since the recent success of Stranger Things and the IT movies, the general public has a new appetite for groups of kids battling the forces of evil, and Vampires Vs. The Bronx certainly capitalises on that 80's nostalgia-driven story telling.

My suspicions were confirmed as there are several obvious homages to The Lost Boys, including the look of the vampires and, in particular, a scene where they're all hanging from the ceiling and one of the kids stakes one of the vampires in their sleep. I also noted a nod to the Hammer classic Taste The Blood Of Dracula, regarding the red powder blood, which I thought was a rewarding Easter egg for the hardcore Horror fan.

Having said all that, Vampires Vs. The Bronx has a lot of originality as well as a hilarious, snappy script, and enough brilliant moments to potentially make it a future classic in its own right.

I enjoyed the light-hearted social/political commentary regarding the gentrification of the locality started by wealthy white people moving into the area. The bodega starting to stock different types of kale made me chuckle.

Not only was it a witty, well scripted movie, but the actors were excellent, and the director of photography deserves a mention for how gorgeous it all looks. 

Vampires Vs. The Bronx was a lot of fun and one of those movies that you can watch again and again and still love it. Oh, and they cast Method Man from Wu-Tang Clan as a priest. Fantastic.


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