Saturday 30 September 2017

Album Review: STRAY FROM THE PATH - Only Death Is Real

Stray From The Path - Only Death Is Real

01. The Opening Move
02. Loudest In the Room
03. Goodnight Alt-Right
04. Let's Make a Deal
05. They Always Take the Guru
06. Plead the Fifth
07. Strange Fiction (feat. Keith Buckley)
08. All Day & a Night (feat. Bryan Garris)
09. The House Always Wins (feat. Vinnie Paz)
10. Only Death Is Real

Stray From The Path seem to have made quite a stir in America, but I only heard them for the first time about a week or so ago. They're a political band, and sound like a hybrid of Rage Against The Machine, Anti-Flag, and various Nu-Metal bands.

They're clearly pissed off, but lack the articulation of bands like Rise Against and Rage Against The Machine, making them occasionally come across as overzealous students. Having said that, their hearts are clearly in the right places, and despite being branded 'Edge-Lords' on a platitude of internet comments sections, they seem to have plenty of genuine conviction in their messages.

Goodnight Alt-Right is great. The video was shared by some Alt-Right tool on Twitter, and caused the band to attract thousands of trolls and 'thumbs downs'. However, I'm not into this Donald Trump "Violence on both sides" bullshit. Nazis deserve a good punch in the face, so the video got a 'thumbs up' from me.

Only Death Is Real is a solid record that delivers what you'd expect. I don't think it will change the world, but if you want 'half an hour of anti-white power', it really hits the spot.


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