Wednesday 27 September 2017

Album Review: 3TEETH - Shutdown.exe

3Teeth - Shutdown.exe

01. Divine Weapon
02. Pit Of Fire
03. Atrophy
04. Oblivion Coil
05. Shutdown
06. Degrade
07. Tower Of Disease
08. Tabula Umbra
09. Voiceless
10. Slavegod
11. Insubstantia
12. B.O.A
13. Away From Me

I was first introduced to 3TEETH when I saw the music video for Atrophy, which embodies everything that was awesome about mid-90's Industrial music. It had me digging out The Crow soundtrack, as well as some Ministry, Prick, Schnitt Acht, and Screw (the one that did an album called Dusted, not the bizarre Japanese Metal band).

If you're a fan of 90's Industrial, I cannot stress how essential it is that you check this record out. Shutdown.exe carries the spirit of that scene, and threatens to infect a new generation with this evil noise. There are some seriously good tracks on here, my initial favourites being Degrade, Tower Of Disease and Voiceless. However, it's one of those multi-layered albums that slowly soaks into your brain, and you find yourself enjoying aspects of the record that you didn't pick up on first time.

There aren't any overly commercial singles on here, and I can't see 3TEETH achieving the mainstream success of Marilyn Manson or Nine Inch Nails off the back of this album, but for the Industrial connoisseur, Shutdown.exe is a fucking beast. It'll be interesting to see if they remain as Gods of the Industrial underground, or venture into more mainstream territories with their next record. Either way, Shutdown.exe shows that 3TEETH have a lot to offer.

The band have put the whole album on YouTube, so check it out!


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