Thursday 14 September 2017

Album Review: DOYLE - II As We Die

DOYLE - II As We Die

01. Kiss Me As We Die
02. Beast Like Me
03. God Of Flies
04. Run For Your Life
05. Darkside
06. Witchcraft
07. King Of The Undead
08. Virgin Sacrifice
09. We Belong Dead
10. Show No Mercy
11. Dark Gods Arise
12. Blood On The Axe
13. Night Of Sin

It only seems like yesterday that Misfits guitarist Doyle released his debut solo album. He's clearly keeping busy, as along with his appearance at the Misfits re-union shows, he's churning out some great material under his own name.

This second album is again in more of a Thrash vein, than full on Horror Punk. Once again, lead vocals are provided by Alex Story from Cancerslug, who sounds a bit like Lee Ving from Fear mixed with ex Misfits lead vocalist Michael Graves. He's a great choice for Doyle's solo albums, as his vocals tie in with the Misfits sound, ensuring old fans buy into this new project.

I'm not a huge fan of the production here. The guitars sound a bit like the tone Tommy Victor uses on the Danzig albums, but a little more harsh. The drums sound a bit clicky too, like on those 80's Thrash records where the bottom end is always missing. I'm sure to some people, this record sounds raw and brutal, but I'm not keen on it.

The songs however, shine through. There are some excellent Horror Thrash-Punk tracks on offer, including the first single Run For Your Life, and my personal favourite, God Of Flies.

Doyle II - As We Die is a solid release, and as an album in its entirety, is better that the latest Danzig album (read my review here), and the last Misfits record Devil's Rain, with Jerry Only on vocals. With another 'Original Misfits' show due before the end of the year, the quality of the writing on this album makes me wonder how awesome a new Misfits album could be, providing Doyle, Only and Danzig all 'play nicely'? I really hope they make it happen!


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