Wednesday 28 March 2018

Gig Review: SUMO CYCO + SKARLETT RIOT at the Asylum 2, Birmingham (UK) 24/03/2018

Sumo Cyco 2018 UK Tour Poster

After their awesome show at Rebellion in Manchester last year (see my review here), I was really excited to see Sumo Cyco again. Last year, I'd only heard a couple of singles from their new album Opus Mar (I picked up a CD at the gig - read my review here), so it was cool to get the opportunity to see them live again, now I'm familiar with both of their records.

Sumo Cyco's hard work, not to mention fantastic new album, has really paid off for them. The buzz about the band has continued to grow, and tonight's show in Birmingham had sold out. I believe Sheffield sold out too, and the other shows weren't far off either! Naturally, this gig at Asylum 2 was a hot and sweaty one.

First up were Skarlett Riot, who were touring in support of their new album Regenerate (read my review here). It'd been a long time since I'd seen them live, and they've clearly honed their skills over the last few years, delivering an extremely tight set. They were a polished machine and their level of professionalism was clearly apparent. They smashed through their 30-minute set with mountains of enthusiasm and ended it with their hugely successful new single Warrior.

There was a lot of love for Skarlett Riot in the room tonight, and fans were treated to a slick set that will no doubt set them up nicely for a successful headlining tour of their own at some point in the near future.

Skarlett Riot live at Asylum 2 in Birmingham
Photo by Dan Peach
Skarlett Riot at Asylum 2
Photo by Richard Lindley

With the opening riff of Sleep Tight, the energy in the room was noticeably building up along with the song, before the band and the crowd all exploded into life, starting what was to be a night of wonderful carnage. Sumo Cyco quickly follow this initial impact with the irresistibly bouncy and infectious Anti-Anthem. By this point, the mosh pits are churning, and the entire room is a sea of bobbing heads and sweat soaked filth. And everyone is loving it.

What Sumo Cyco have over most of their peers is the volume of extremely catchy anthemic songs. Almost every track over their two albums could have been used as a single. Most bands are lucky to have two or three songs in their entire careers that are as good as the tunes Sumo Cyco make. Tonight, they hit Birmingham with a relentless barrage of massive tunes including Free Yourself, The Ugly, Fighter, Brave II, Move Mountains, and a killer cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Give It Away, before ending their set with a powerful rendition of Undefeated.

The band were on fire tonight, with lead singer Skye 'Sever' Sweetnam spending a good chunk of the show in the crowd with the fans, bringing that intimate feel-good Punk Rock factor to the night. Sumo Cyco have the delivery, the energy, the image, and most importantly the amazing songs that are key to their continuing success. I honestly believe that they have the potential to be future festival headliners, and I feel quite privileged to have seen them twice now in small clubs prior to them inevitably going super-sonic.

Photo by Richard Lindley
Photo by Richard Lindley
Photo by Richard Lindley
Photo by Richard Lindley
Photo by Richard Lindley

Sumo Cyco at Asylum 2 Birmingham
Photo by Steve Iles

Sumo Cyco live at Asylum 2 in Birmingham
Photo by Dan Peach


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