Monday 5 March 2018

EP Review: ALICE COOPER - The Sound Of A

Alice Cooper - The Sound Of A

01. The Sound of A
02. The Black Widow (Live In Columbus)
03. Public Animal #9 (Live In Columbus)
04. Is It My Body (Live In Columbus)
05. Cold Ethyl (Live In Columbus)

The Sound of A is taken from Alice's Paranormal album which came out last year (see my review here). Apparently, it was the first song Alice ever wrote, and dates back to 1967. It certainly has a trippy Pink Floyd vibe, and the modern production gives it a subtle contemporary vibe. It's a great track and one of the highlights from Paranormal.

This release features four previously unreleased live tracks. Alice has stated many times that he believes his live band to be the best in the world. I agree in the respect that they're all top-notch musicians and the best talent available. If there was anyone out there better, Alice would hire them too. Naturally, the live songs all sound amazing. However, there's so much Alice Cooper live material available that this release is far from essential if you already have a couple of his live albums. However, if you're a superfan, a completest, or new to Alice, The Sound of A should be on your shopping list.


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