Wednesday 9 October 2019

Album Review: POSSESSED - Revelations Of Oblivion

Possessed - Revelations of Oblivion

01. Wanderlust
01. Chant of Oblivion
02. No More Room in Hell
03. Dominion
04. Damned
05. Demon
06. Abandoned
07. Shadowcult
08. Omen
09. Ritual
10. The Word
11. Graven
12. Temple of Samael

For those unfamiliar with Possessed, they are considered by many as the first Death Metal band. Stepping aside from the arguing geeks, the fact remains that Possessed were pioneers, massively influential on a worldwide scale, and of huge historical significance in the world of Extreme Metal.

Revelations Of Oblivion is technically only their third full-length album, and their first since 1986. Their status is legendary and to come back after all this time and after so much has changed within the scene is surely a recipe for disappointment? Actually, Possessed have managed to pull of some kind of black miracle and have delivered a somewhat phenomenal comeback record.

The first thing that hits the listener is the production. It's perfect. It's crisp, powerful, clinical, and manages to retain that grit and filth needed for a truly great Death Metal record. You can hear every riff so clearly, and it's all so wonderfuly heavy and brutal!

I am still a big fan of Jeff Becerra's vocal style. I've never been a massive fan of cookie-monster vocals, so Jeff's approach is way more appealing to me, and I think it conveys the emotion of the lyrics way more.

It's hard to pick favourites because it's very consistent and I think it's best enjoyed as a body of work as a whole. I'd have to go for the blistering opener No More Room In Hell, and Omen, with its slamming riffage married nicely to the high speed shed that's prevalent throughout.

2019 has been a generous year for Thrash and Extreme Metal with some genuine future classics having come out. Revelations Of Oblivion is certainly one of the highlights.


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