Sunday 6 October 2019

Album Review: XENTRIX - Bury The Pain

Xentrix - Bury The Pain

01. Bury The Pain
02. There Will Be Consequences
03. Bleeding Out
04. The Truth Lies Buried
05. Let The World Burn
06. The Red Mist Descends
07. World Of Mouth
08. Deathless & Divine
09. The One You Fear
10. Evil By Design

To many passing Metal fans, Xentrix will be most likely remembered as the British Thrash band that covered Ghostbusters. That's certainly when I first heard about them back in the day. That's the double-edged sword of a quirky fun cover. One-off gimmick aside, they were a class Thrash band. Being remembered by the masses purely for Ghostbusters would be as sad as people remembering Anthrax for I'm The Man.

I bought their Scourge album a long time ago, but only recently delved into their earlier records. I'm only a few decades late, but I'm glad I did. They certainly had an early Megadeth-meets-Testament vibe, and it's sad to think that the band didn't become a much bigger deal.

Now in 2019, they've made an unbelievable comeback. With new singer/guitarist Jay Walsh, who incidentally was the guitarist in Fourwaykill and also played for Blaze Bayley, they have made their best record so far.

Bury The Pain is a down-the-line Thrash Metal album with some superb technical playing and a host of memorable, pounding tunes that will delight headbangers worldwide. 

The production is as good as it gets for this kind of music. It sounds huge without being overly processed. Having it mixed by the legendary Andy Sneap was clearly a masterstroke too. 

Every song is killer, but my favourites are Bury The Pain, Let The World Burn, and the punch riff-beast that is The One You Fear.

Xentrix have returned with a Thrash album that leaves the latest releases from the 'Big Four' in the dust. Maybe it's because these guys clearly love Thrash and are connected more with fans of the genre than the detached millionaires who mail it in every five years or so? Let's face it, if Metallica's last record sounded like this, fans would be worshiping it like the second coming of Christ. 

Bury The Pain is Thrash Metal at its very best and they deserve to be recognised as major international players off the back of this release.


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