Thursday 7 May 2020

Album Review: DEVILSKIN - RED

Devilskin - Red

01. Do You See Birds
02. All Fall Down
03. Corrode
04. Eyes Red Heavy
05. Same Life
06. The Victor
07. Blood & Bone
08. Endo
09. Bright Lights
10. Sweet Release
11. Be Like The River
12. Everybody's High But Me

I've been following New Zealand's Devilskin since I saw them live three years ago in Manchester (read my review here). I also really enjoyed their last studio album Be Like The River, so I've been looking forward to checking out this, their third record, RED.
Musically, it's not a massive departure from its predecessor. To my ears they sound like Halestorm-meets-Soundgarden with some extra fat Pantera-style groove riffs thrown in for good measure.

Opening with the filthy riff of Do You See Birds and some unexpected Death Metal growls from lead singer Jennie Skulander, Devilskin start the new record with some real savagery, which makes the powerful melodic chorus pop out even more.

All Fall Down is more in the style I'd expect from Devilskin, and is them at their best. If someone were to ask me to play one Devilskin song to them to hear what they sounded like, I'd probably go for this one. It has it all. That guitar solo is badass too!

My favourite tracks are Corrode with its dirty Southern riffage and a massive chorus, Same Life, which has some Hardcore vibes going on, and the epic Sweet Release, that boasts a vocal performance that is astonishingly good. Everybody's High But Me is also a particularly killer track that's worth a mention.

RED is their best album yet, and I'm sure they'll become a much bigger band off the back of it. I can't wait to catch them live on their next tour too.


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