Tuesday 5 May 2020

Album Review: DYNAZTY - The Dark Delight

01. Presence Of Mind
02. Paradise Of The Architect
03. The Black
04. From Sound To Silence
05. Hologram
06. Heartless Madness
07. Waterfall
08. Threading The Needle
09. The Man And The Elements
10. Apex
11. The Road To Redemption
12. The Dark Delight
13. The Shoulder Devil (Bonus Track)

I'm a newcomer to the world of Dynazty. All I knew about them before listening to this album was that their lead singer Nils Molin is one of the three vocalists in Amaranthe. I'm a big fan of Amaranthe, and Nils was brought in to replace Jake E. Lundberg and made his recorded debut with them on their 2018 album, Helix (read my review here). I'd have thought that the likelihood is that Nils is a hired gun in that band, so by finally checking out Dynazty, I got to hear what he can do as a main lead singer with more creative input. Now, it's even clearer why Amaranthe brought him on board.

Opener Presence Of Mind is massive and sets the tone for the whole album perfectly. It's really heavy in places with some huge grooves, and then that chorus hits. It's absolutely colossal. If you wanted proof of how amazing a singer Nils is, this song is all you need. It's both catchy and majestic, making this a killer melodic Metal single. The guitar solo is pretty sick too.

Paradise Of The Architect sounds like Amaranthe without the other singers, especially with that chorus. Obviously, it's awesome.

The Black takes us into some Power Metal territories before coming back to some slick AOR, then back again. It has an element of 80's drama that makes it very listenable, a bit like a mix of Beast In Black and Roxette. That's what my ears picked up anyway.

Another favourite is The Man And The Elements which has some nice Folk lead playing, and reminds me a bit of post-Bruce reunion Iron Maiden.

Overall, The Dark Delight is a really strong album, packed with hooks, memorable choruses, and some excellent musicianship. The production is top-dollar too!

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