Monday 31 May 2021

Album Review: SUMO CYCO - Initiation


01. Love You Wrong
02. Bystander
03. Vertigo
04. Bad News
05. No Surrender
06. M.I.A.
07. Cyclone
08. Run With The Giants
09. Overdrive
10. Power & Control
11. The Dance Is Doomed
12. Awakened (Bonus track)

I've been a Sumo Cyco fan for a while now. I loved their last album, Opus Mar (click here for my review), and I saw them live in 2017 (click here) and 2018 (click here). What an amazing band! They're so good live and they have mountains of infectious tunes, I'm confused as to why they haven't gone supersonic yet. Having recently signed to Napalm Records who have launched Initiation, I can't help but think that Sumo Cyco are on the precipice of the success that they so richly deserve.

It comes as no surprise that Initiation is packed with great songs just like the first two albums. They have forged a distinctive sound and image for themselves that makes them stand out from the pack. Their hybrid of Punk, Metal, Rap, Ska and countless other styles works so well creating endless ear candy that packs a punch. Resistance is futile. They're going to get bigger and you're going to love them.

Love You Wrong, Bystander, Vertigo... all potential smash hits, one firing out of the barrel straight after the other. Even the bonus track, Awakened, is awesome. I've listened to this album from start to finish several times already and wouldn't dream of skipping a track!

Initiation is completely infectious and one of the best albums of 2021 so far. 


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