Sunday 27 May 2018

Album Review: PRAYING MANTIS - Gravity

Praying Mantis - Gravity

01. Keep it Alive
02. Mantis Anthem
03. Time Can Heal
04. 39 Years
05. Gravity
06. Ghosts of the Past
07. Destiny in Motion
08. The Last Summer
09. Foreign Affair
10. Shadow of Love
11. Final Destination

Since forming in 1974, Gravity is only the 10th studio album from Praying Mantis, who have had more than their fair share on instability over the years. They rose to fame in the very early 80's as part of the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) movement, and supported Iron Maiden on an early tour. Their debut album, 1981's Time Tells No Lies, is still revered as one of the classics of this er, and scene. Unfortunately, the band broke up soon afterwards.

They reformed in the early 90's, which was probably the worst era for this kind of music, but have steadily released album after album over the subsequent years.

This new album, Gravity, still features the founder members, brothers Tino (guitars) and Chris Troy (bass), and continues in the more AOR, Classic Rock direction, rather than the Traditional heavy Metal that newcomers may expect.

Opener Keep it Alive has a riff that brings to mind classic Thin Lizzy, and coupled with a catchy chorus, makes it a strong single and proof that Praying Mantis are still definitely worth a listen. Other highlights include 39 Years, The Last Summer, and my personal favourite Gravity, which easily earns its place as the title track with its driving bass, melodic lead guitars, and huge AOR chorus. There are parts of this record that remind me of Magnum, Asia, and Deep Purple, and the singer even sounds a bit like Graham Bonnet. If that's not enough to justify giving this record a listen, I don't know what is!


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