Saturday 8 February 2020

Album Review: LOVEBITES - Electric Pentagram

Lovebites - Electric Pentagram

01. Thunder Vengeance
02. Holy War
03. Golden Destination
04. Raise Some Hell
05. Today Is The Day
06. When Destinies Align
07. A Frozen Serenade
08. Dancing With The Devil
09. Signs Of Deliverance
10. Set The World On Fire
11. The Unbroken
12. Swan Song

Lovebites are a prolific band, releasing this, their third album in just over two years. There has been an EP in that time too (review here). Their last album, Clockwork Immortality, was excellent (review here) so, in all honesty, I was concerned that this album may have been rushed and wouldn't stand up to the high standard that the band had already set for themselves. Fortunately, that's not the case and Electric Pentagram is a very strong release. There are many bands that would take several years to come up with material as good as this, and it's as though Lovebites have the talent and creativity to churn out phenomenal slabs of technical Power Metal like it's no big deal.

In a recent interview, they said that the album title was inspired by the idea that they are like the five points of a pentagram brought together to protect Heavy Metal. How cool is that? Manowar, you're fired!

Musically, it's a similar deal to where they were at before. It's mostly Power Metal with splashes of Symphonic, Thrash and Traditional Heavy Metal giving it texture and character. If you loved them before, there is no reason on Earth why you wouldn't adore this new record too.

Clocking in at 70 minutes, Electric Pentagram is an epic piece of work. There are no fillers, just well crafted, technical, Metal masterpieces.

As expected, it's all very busy with kick drums aplenty and guitars relentlessly riffing and soloing. It's very intense, and the first time they take the foot off the pedal is half way through the album when A Frozen Serenade kicks in. It's a really good mid-paced metal track, with some gorgeous acoustic guitar work in the middle, before picking up the pace with an Iron Maiden-esque gallop to the finish.

Dancing With The Devil is a great song. The main riff reminds me a little of Rainbow's Man on the Silver Mountain, and the rest of it has a wonderfully 80's vibe, which naturally appealed to me.

Set The World On Fire has some mean Thrash riffs that Testament would be proud of. When Destinies Align is an amazing lead guitar-driven beast that has graduated from the school of Iron Maiden and Helloween, and the fantastic Golden Destination is in a similar ball park.

My favourite has to be Raise Some Hell which has an unashamed Hard Rock vibe, without compromising their Power Metal onslaught. It's insanely catchy and could be a massive hit single for them.

Having given this record a few listens now, I think it is safe to say that it is Lovebites' best yet. These Japanese ladies are phenomenally talented, and I have no doubt that they have a very bright and Heavy Metal future ahead of them.


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