Monday 6 April 2020

Album Review: TESTAMENT - Titans Of Creation

Testament - Titans Of Creation

01. Children of the Next Level
03. Dream Deceiver
04. Night of the Witch
05. City of Angels
06. Ishtar's Gate
07. Symptoms
08. False Prophet
09. The Healers
10. Code of Hammurabi
11. Curse of Osiris
12. Catacombs

Testament really is the Thrash Metal dream team, with the creme de la creme of musicians in their ranks. With this titanium line-up of Chuck Billy, Eric Peterson, Alex Skolnick, Steve Di Giorgio and Gene Hoglan, Testament have gone from an A to an A+ Thrash band, releasing a string of monstrous records, and easily being as good as any of the 'Big Four'.

If you're already a fan, Titans Of Creation is every bit the badass Metal album you'd expect it to be. I'd say it's overall a bit stronger that their last album, Brotherhood Of The Snake (read my review here), and possibly on a par with their 2012 modern masterpiece Dark Roots Of Earth. In all honesty, there's not much in it, as the standard of all these releases is so high.

There is a plethora of amazing Thrash Metal on offer here. Dream Deceiver is a slab of riff-tastic guitar mastery. The solo is out of this world, and the song itself is as catchy as it is brutal. Ishtar's Gate shows Testament's more melodic side, and has some of the chunkiest bass guitar known to humanity. Curse Of Osiris, WWIII and Night Of The Witch are full on fast Thrash monsters, with Curse Of Osiris having a cheeky splash of Black Metal thrown in there. The Healers is another winner, with some frantic double-bass drum work from the phenomenal Gene Hoglan.

Titans Of Creation is absolutely superb. Testament are still on top of their game, and releasing an album like this at such a late stage in their career further cements their position as masters of their craft.


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