Tuesday 7 April 2020

EP Review: FREDDY SPERA - Temper

01. Temper
02. Summer's Walk
03. Treading Waters
04. Meanwhile
05. The End Of I
06. Rain

Freddy Spera is an Italian-Brazilian musician and producer based in Liverpool. He plays bass in Novacrow (read my review of their last EP here), and now he's released an EP under his own name. Aside from the drums, which were performed by Pete Roper, Freddy played all the instruments, sang on it, and engineered it too.

Opening track Temper is a nice instrumental acoustic piece. It's short and sweet, serving as an intro to the 'Rock' part of the EP. Summer's Walk is an interesting slab of Alternative-Rock, which, despite having some screamed vocals, remains quite trippy and atmospheric.

Treading Waters is a more upbeat and catchier song, whilst retaining the aforementioned trippiness. To my ears, this EP sounds very 'nineties' in places, with the instrumental parts bringing to mind Helmet and early Smashing Pumpkins. There is certainly a more contemporary vibe entwined, with some lo-fi riffage in the vein of Mastodon and Deftones and a few screamed vocals to vary things up.

Meanwhile certainly follows this path with some Grunge style guitar work and some laid-back vocals pepped up with occasional screams. The End Of I is an eight minute journey with plenty of soundscapes, slow riffage, and crooning vocals.

Rain gives the EP an acoustic book-end that's no less epic for its lack of heaviness. Overall, Temper is an experimental and adventurous release, swapping commerciality for depth and texture.


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