Thursday 16 April 2020

Album Review: TOMORROW IS LOST - Therapy

Tomorrow Is Lost - Therapy

01. Intro
02. Wildchild
03. Smile
04. White Noise
05. Self Destruct
06. Black And Blue
07. Hideaway
08. Too Young To Know
09. Electric
10. Pause Rewind
11. Therapy

It's always really positive when you see a band you've met get signed and start to get the recognition they deserve. I reviewed their Shadowman EP in 2018 (read my review here), and since then I've had the pleasure of playing on the same bill as them at an all-dayer in Sheffield. They not only proved to be an ace live band but they were also nice people too. A few months ago, Tomorrow Is Lost signed to Eclipse Records and have recently released their debut album Therapy.

Produced by Dave Boothroyd (Phil Campbell, CJ Wildheart, Don Broco), Therapy is on a completely different level to their previous output. It sounds massive, punchy, and what you'd expect from a professional outfit. Sonically, it can stand side by side with established giants of the Rock and Metal world.

They've also nailed the most essential part of any record, and that's the song writing. Tomorrow Is Lost have brought their A-game when it comes to writing catchy Rock/Metal songs, teeming with hooks, and not outstaying their welcome, with only three songs being over the four-minute mark.

Opener Wildchild has some detuned, upbeat heavy riffage and a really catchy chorus, making it an obvious choice for a single, or so I thought. Most albums have one or two obvious singles, but this record is packed with them!

Smile is a punchy, bouncy track that reminds me a bit of early Guano Apes. White Noise is another massive song with a nice heavy interlude section. Those guitars are just killer!

Self Destruct is very Pop, maybe a little too much for your average Metal fan. I really like it, and if Paramore had released it, it'd sell a million copies. I have no doubt of that whatsoever.

It's not all high energy Rock. Too Young To Know is a solid power-ballad with a nice guitar solo that's like icing on the cake.

Therapy is an excellent album throughout. The writing, production, and musicianship is all on-point. Hopefully they'll experience some much deserved success with this record and have a very bright future.


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