Saturday 18 April 2020

Album Review: LUCIFER - Lucifer III

Lucifer III

01. Ghosts
02. Midnight Phantom
03. Leather Demon
04. Lucifer
05. Pacific Blues
06. Coffin Fever
07. Flanked by Snakes
08. Stay Astray
09. Cemetery Eyes

I quite enjoyed Lucifer's second album (read my review here), so I thought I'd check out their new record, imaginitely titled Lucifer III.

Musically, the album is in the same retro-style as its predecessors. It's 70's chic lo-fi Black Sabbath worshiping Rock n' Roll on the menu again. This has all been done a thousand times before, but Lucifer make this genre sound fresh. They may not be contemporary, but what they are is cool.

Opener Ghosts sounds like the missing link between Jethro Tull and Black Sabbath, but with Johanna Sadonis's sultry vocals that give it a haunting occult quality. There's no doubt that her voice is this band's secret weapon. This is also the main reason that they stand out from the countless other bands doing this kind of music.

Midnight Phantom was an obvious choice for a single with its sinister riffing blending seamlessly with Johanna's voice, making it an instantly accessible, hook-laden tune without compromising their integrity by going down a more commercial path. It's occult faux 70's Rock at its finest.

The whole album is in a similar ball park, with awesome Retro-Rock songs that feel so familiar but shiny and new at the same time. My other favourites include the folk-tinged Pacific Blues, Stay Astray, which reminds me of 70's Kiss, and the haunting Cemetery Eyes.

Lucifer III doesn't outstay its welcome either, with just 9 songs clocking in at just shy of 40 minutes. This means that the whole album is easily digestible and pleasant to listen to in its entirety without feeling the urge to skip tracks.

I like it more than the previous album, and see no reason why Lucifer isn't capable of enchanting the masses and becoming a much bigger act than they are now.


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