Thursday 2 April 2020

EP Review: DEADFIRE - My Mind Belongs To The Devil

Deadfire - My Mind Belongs To The Devil

01. My Mind Belongs To The Devil
02. Mary Jane
03. Call From The Void

Aberdeen's Deadfire have unleashed their new EP My Mind Belongs To The Devil, which is three songs of raucous, filthy Grunge-tinged Stoner Metal.

Imagine a mix of Down, Gruntruck, Raging Speedhorn and Acrimony and you'll be somewhere close. The guitars are distorted, lo-fi, and dirty, and groove out some heavy Rock N' Roll. Couple that with a singer who sounds like the missing link between Scott Weiland and the dude from Clutch, and you're closer still. If that sonic concoction sounds good to you, Deadfire is a band you need to check out.

All three songs are solid, but I think the last one, Call From The Void, is the best one here. The production could be a little better, but it does lend itself well to the garage-filth on offer. Anyway, they are on YouTube, so give them a listen.


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