Monday 19 April 2021

Album Review: SYD.31 - Machine Ready


01. Intro (A Night Visitor)
02. Broken Blank
03. It Came To This
04. Imminent Failure
05. As They Let You Down
06. Collapsing New Stars
07. Demon Night
08. Imitating Art
09. Disassemble Me
10. Machine Ready
11. We Turned The Lights Out
12. Outro (A Visitor Departs)

SYD.31 is the project of multi-instrumentalist Dr Magic. There is a live band, but on record, he plays the instruments himself, 'Trent Reznor style'. The first full song, Broken Blank, smacks the listener with some brutal dance beats, married to some Hardcore riffage and Dr Magic's angst-laden screams. Imagine The Exploited jamming with Pendulum in a foul mood, and you'd be somewhere fairly close to what's going down here.

It Came To This has more of a classic Punk vibe but still retains dance beats giving it a contemporary feel. Imminent Failure leads you into a false sense of security with a more chilled, melancholy first section, not a million miles away from an industrial Joy Division. Then you hear the sound of a door slam and the song rages off into a bloody techno-sunset.

Collapsing New Stars is a bit of an oddball as it's an upbeat melodic 80's pop track. To my ears, it's like Dan Reed Network meets Talking Heads but with some Punk guitar playing and the expected angry vocals. It's definitely a highlight on the album for me.

Other favourites include the high-energy beasts that are Demon Nights and the title track. There's also a fantastic music video out for the latter, so give it a watch. Let's not forget the slower, but super heavy Disassemble Me, which is also a massive tune.

Over-all, Machine Ready is a solid album, and it's clear that a lot of hard work and passion has been put into it. If the idea of a mash-up of The Prodigy and Nailbomb's Point Blank record excites you, Machine Ready is something I'm sure you'll love. 


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