Thursday 15 April 2021

EP Review: I SAW THE WORLD BURN - Sentience- Part One


01. Introduction (To Conflict)
02. Inborn
04. Myopic

I Saw The World Burn have made quite a dent on the UK's underground Metal scene over the last few years, and it's easy to tell why.

Sentience-Part One is their latest EP, and it's absolute fire. Heavier than a bag of spanners, all four tracks are simply crushing. If I had to choose a favourite, it'd probably Sentience, but only by a tiny lead. The musicianship is excellent, and Katie Cairns' vocals are as savage as ever. I really like the production too. Everything is crystal clear without compromising the over-all raw and powerful feel of the music.

They remind me a bit of Venom Prison, but with little less of the Death Metal, and a fraction more Groove Metal in it's place. Throw some classic At The Gates and Pissing Razors into the mix, and that's pretty much where they're at musically. Well, they are to my ears anyway.

At the time of writing, Sentience-Part One is available for free on their BandCamp page. If you like brutal music, go check it out!


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