Monday 11 October 2021

Album Review: GARBAGE - No Gods No Masters


01. The Men Who Rule The World
02. The Creeps
03. Uncomfortably Me
04. Wolves
05. Waiting For God
06. Godhead
07. Anonymous XXX
08. A Woman Destroyed
09. Flipping The Bird
10. No Gods No Masters
11. This City Will Kill You


No Gods No Masters is an angry record. Not in a 'screamy metal' way, but as a more refined intellectual response to the abnormally extreme turmoil the world has been subjected to over the last few years, all to the soundtrack of rock-infused electronica. 

This isn't a straight-forward album with instantly catchy Pop Rock songs like on their debut. No Gods No Masters is more challenging and takes a couple of listens to absorb it properly. It's as though the band couldn't give a fuck about hit singles, and just wanted to rage and make art. I'm totally cool with that. The caustic opener, The Men Who Rule The World, is a perfect example. 

The huge Pop hooks are still there, weaved in the chaotic, avant-garde Electronic Alternative Rock. Every time I listen to No Gods No Masters, I enjoy it a little more, and find new earworms amongst the layers.

The Creeps has one of their catchiest choruses ever. Godhead reminds me of 90's Depeche Mode but with that Garbage trademark stamped all over it, giving it a modern edge. The driving 80's-esque title track has an exquisite darkness but remains 'dance-floor' friendly and makes it an obvious choice for a single. There is so much character on this album, and it's an absolute pleasure to indulge in.

Every track sounds like Garbage but a few of the songs are further out of their comfort zone, giving us something refreshing and even more subversive than usual. I'd go as far as to say it's the best thing they've put out since their legendary debut, and for a band that's been around as long a they have, that's a massive achievement. 


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