Thursday 21 October 2021

Gig Review: SAINT AGNES at The Deaf Institute, Manchester (UK) (17/10/2021)


It feels like a lifetime ago I bought tickets for this gig. Since then, I managed to see Saint Agnes play the Download Pilot (click for review), and they were awesome, so I'd been really looking forward to seeing them play a full headline show. Their latest mini-album, Vampire (click for review) is great, and well worth checking out if you haven't already.

I arrived in time to catch the main support, Sit Down. The Brighton three-piece have some catchy songs, with a distinct 90's vibe. Their music is a little poppier, albeit fuzz-tastic, and less aggressive than the headliner's, but they still sounded like a good fit for the bill. OK, they had some annoying, ear-splitting feedback between songs which really got on my tits, but for the most part, I enjoyed their set. 

Sit Down Manchester Deaf Institute 2021
Sit Down

Opening up with the raucous, energetic Daughter Of Lucifer, Saint Agnes were captivating from the start. The sound was fantastic, and the band was clearly a well-oiled machine, ready to go. They played eleven songs, back-to-back with no encore or frills. It was an intense hour of banger-after-banger. 

The set comprised of mostly their newer material, with all four original songs off Vampire, all four from The Family Strange EP, brand-new single Uppercut, and two from their debut album, The Witching Hour and the title track. Their sound is constantly evolving, and the set represented them where they are right now. That's fine with me, as I think their more recent material is their strongest.

Their new single, Uppercut, was a ferocious highlight, coming accross as heavier and more powerful live than on the studio recording. I'm With You Everywhere You Go was another track that truly thrived in the live environment, moreso than on record. The set flowed well, and I felt it was dynamic and continually rewarding, with no dull or awkward moments whatsoever. The only downside is that it all went by so quickly! 

Saint Agnes are one of those bands that seem to be genuinely breaking though at the moment. They're  great live band and have loads of killer songs. The band is on tour right now, so catch them if you can while they're still playing in small clubs.

Saint Agnes at The Deaf Institute, Manchester 2021
Saint Agnes

Saint Agnes at The Deaf Institute, Manchester 2021
Saint Agnes


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