Sunday 10 October 2021

Album Review: RISE AGAINST - Nowhere Generation


01. The Numbers
02. Sudden Urge
03. Nowhere Generation
04. Talking To Ourselves
05. Broken Dreams, Inc
06. Forfeit
07. Monarch
08. Sounds Like
09. Sooner Or Later
10. Middle Of A Dream
11. Rules Of Play


Rise Against are one of those bands that are very consistent, in terms of production and song-writing. If you like one of their albums, you'll almost certainly like them all. However, some, such as the legendary The Sufferer and  The Witness, just have that little bit of extra magic.

Nowhere Generation isn't one of their best if I'm completely honest, but it is still a very good record. It took me a couple of listens to really get into it and to let the songs soak in. The lyrics are amazing as always, and the messages in their albums are as relevant and important as ever.

The stand-out tracks for me are Sudden Urge, the emotive, semi-acoustic Forfeit, and the fiery Monarch. Weirdly enough, my least favourites are the tracks that were released as singles. Regardless, this album has continued to grow on me with repeated listens, so maybe I'll feel differently about it as a piece of work in its entirety in a few months time?

Rise Against do political Punk better than any band I can think of, and they've made some of the best albums in their genre. I'm pleased they're still making passionate records to a high standard and Nowhere Generation is another solid release from masters of the craft.


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