Saturday 25 November 2017

Album Review: PROPHETS OF RAGE - Prophets Of Rage

Prophets Of Rage - Prophets Of Rage

01. Radical Eyes
02. Unfuck The World
03. Legalize Me
04. Living On The 110
05. The Counteroffensive
06. Hail To The Chief
07. Take Me Higher
08. Strength In Numbers
09. Fired A Shot
10. Who Owns Who
11. Hands Up
12. Smashit

After checking out their debut EP last year (see my review here), I've been looking forward to their first full length album with eager anticipation. The problem with a supergroup like this one (it features members of Rage Against The Machine, Cypress Hill and Public Enemy) is that expectations are very high, and the hype generated is one that's almost impossible to live up to.

Prophets Of Rage is a good album, with a handful of killer singles. For most bands, that would be considered a huge success, but this debut feels a little disappointing. The truth is that the bands that made the members famous all have amazing songs and classic albums that are better than this one. Their incredible achievements in the past have overshadowed this release, and unless the musicians were going to pull a minor miracle out of the bag, this record was never going to be the best album any of them had ever put their name to, albeit a decent one.

If you can treat the band like a new one, and forget who's playing here, I'm sure you'll enjoy it more. As I said before, there really are some killer tracks on offer here. Unfuck The World is awesome. Living On The 110 comes in a close second. I love the political messages, and the stance against the injustices in the world, and Prophets Of Rage certainly have my support in that department.


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