Tuesday 21 November 2017

EP Review: CROSSFAITH - Freedom

Crossfaith - Freedom EP

01. Freedom (Feat. Rou Reynolds)
02. Rockstar Steady (Feat. Jesse)
03. Diavolos

This EP serves as a taster for Crossfaith's next studio album, which is due at some point in 2018.

I got into Crossfaith when their Apocalyze album came out, and was totally blown away by it. I was also lucky enough to catch their set at Download Festival in 2014 and they were certainly one of the highlights of the event.

These new tracks are already Crossfaith classics. They haven't really changed their sound, they've just developed it and honed their skills a little further, making some of their best music to date. There aren't many bands out there who can mix so many genres, including Metal, Hardcore, Dance, and Electronica, to create something that sounds so cohesive. Most importantly, they know how to deliver catchy songs that sizzle with energy. The 'bounce factor' is strong with these guys.

My verdict is that these new songs are all amazing, and they indicate that next year's studio album will be something truly special. Bring it on!


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