Monday 13 November 2017

Album Review: BLONDIE - Pollinator

Blondie - Pollinator

01. Doom or Destiny
02. Long Time
03. Already Naked
04. Fun
05. My Monster
06. Best Day Ever
07. Gravity
08. When I Gave Up on You
09. Love Level
10. Too Much
11. Fragments 

Blondie is a legendary band with an array of hit singles that most people will be familiar with, as they've been etched into our lives via popular culture and mainstream saturation. Who doesn't love massive tunes like Atomic, Heart Of Glass, Call Me, and Hanging On The Telephone? It's Rock 'n' Roll gold, and their influence in the worlds of Pop, Punk, Rock and even Disco are undeniable. Of course, it's only right that I give their new record, Pollinator, a listen.

Long Time starts with that classic Blondie beat, that instantly brings Heart Of Glass to mind, before Debbie Harry's iconic voice takes the song in a direction of it's own, spawning a hit single that will no doubt find its way onto future Greatest Hit compilations. Fun also has that classic sound, but leans more towards a Disco vibe, yet still unfolds into a killer single.

The rest of the album is enjoyable, but those two singles are easily the stand out tracks for me, even if they tap a little more into nostalgia than some of the others. I think the problem that they have is that they set the bar so high in the 70's and 80's. By most other band's standards, these new songs would be considered as a huge triumph, but Blondie have done so much better in the past. If you're a fan, Pollinator is definitely worth checking out though.


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