Monday 27 November 2017

Album Review: HELL IN THE CLUB - See You On The Dark Side

Hell In The Club - See You On The Dark Side

01. We Are On Fire
02. The Phantom Punch
03. Little Toy Soldier
04. I Wanna Swing Like Peter Parker
05. Houston, We've Got No Money
06. A Melody, A Memory
07. Showtime
08. The Misfit
09. Withered In Venice
10. Bite Of The Tongue
11. A Crowded Room

There are a number of amazing young(ish) bands out there that are clearly heavily influenced by the L.A Hard Rock scene in the late 80's. Hell In The Club are one of these bands, and unlike most of their peers, they're not from Sweden or Finland. These guys are flying the flag for Italy. Unsurprisingly, they're signed to the Italy based label Frontiers, whose roster is full of bands like this.

What makes Hell In The Club special, aside from their music, is the fantastic production coupled with the delivery. They sound youthful, hungry, and full of fire. There are so many older bands out there that play this genre of music, but sound old, tired, and dated because they're recycling ideas and 'mailing it in' just to cash in on a brand / band name that meant something 30 years ago. It's really nice to hear a band like Hell In The Club breathe some life, energy and enthusiasm into this scene.

I've been following the band for a while, and am familiar with their back catalogue. Although some of their best songs are on previous records (Devil On My Shoulder is amazing - check it out!), See You On The Dark Side is probably their best release as a piece of work in its entirety. I'm a big fan of albums that I can enjoy listening to from start to finish without feeling the need to skip tracks, and this is one of those. Kudos to the band for releasing such a well crafted album!

See You On The Dark Side is a lot of fun, and a great reminder as to why I love this kind of music. My personal favourites are currently opener We Are On Fire and The Phantom Punch. If this kind of Hard Rock is your thing, you need to check this record out ASAP!


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